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Coach's Clinic - Spring Ball 2020

We had an AWESOME coach turnout for the coach's clinic! We hope all our coaches gained some extra tips to help expand our players' baseball and softball knowledge, as well as having some fun in the process!

Field Preparation Instructions

  • You should rake/sweep the field before lining the field. 
  • First (1st) and third (3rd) baselines shall be sixty (60) feet from the point of home plate.
  • The distance from the point of home plate to second (2nd) base and from first (1st) base to third (3rd) base shall be (84) feet (10) inches.
  • The pitching circle will be ten (10)feet in diameter and the center will be forty‐six (46) feet from the back of home plate.
  • There will be a twenty (20) foot chalked arc from the first (1st) base line to the third (3rd) base line in front of home plate.
  • The ball must be on or past this line to be fair; if not, it is a foul ball.
  • Halfway/safety hash‐mark (30) feet will be drawn on first baseline and third baseline in front of home plate.
    • Infielders must stay behind this 30’ hash mark until ball is hit.
    • PENALTY:  Offensive manager gets choice of result of the play or negate the last pitch thrown.



Player Protection Agreement

Click the link above to print the Player Protection Agreement

Spring 2022 Player Protection Agreements are due to the league secretary by March 1.  No exceptions. 

Coaching at Macedonia

When you become a coach at Macedonia Baseball you become a role model to the youth.

As a coach you hold a position of trust and responsibility in a program that is helping to shape the physical, mental and emotional development of our youth. It is required to show exemplary character, respect, and compassion for children; understanding and patience not only with the children, but with parents, umpires, and fans on and off the baseball field. As a coach you should always remember that you are setting an example for the children. You are not only teaching a child the game of baseball but other life lessons such as: sportsmanship, teamwork, manners, and respect.  Children are strongly influenced by adults that share similar interests and coaches are huge sources of inspiration. Coaches are among the most important volunteers in a little league baseball community so we at Macedonia THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to making an impression on our children.

Your responsibilities as a coach:

  1. Provide a safe environment (Inspect fields. Set field rules to disallow accidental injury)
  2. Communicate in a positive way (Communicate with the best interests of the players at heart. Communicate with respect and patience)
  3. Teach the fundamental skills of baseball (Teach them drills to improve their skills. Have fun!)
  4. Teach the rules of baseball (Teach them in practice. Teach them as situations arise. Teach them offensive and defensive rules.)
  5. Direct players in competition (Coaching kids to compete well, do their best, improve their skills and strive to win)
  6. Help players value fitness and exercise for a lifetime (want your players to learn to become fit on their own, understand the value of fitness, and enjoy playing the game of baseball) 
  7. Help children develop character (Character development includes learning, caring, being honest and respectful, and taking responsibility)

Macedonia Baseball's Mission

It is the mission of the Macedonia Baseball to provide a safe, interactive learning environment for athletes of all ages.  We strive to teach fundamental principles that will develop a young athlete and instill principals he or she will carry with them the rest of their lives.

"We don't take the FUN out of FUNdamentals!"

SafeKids Program

The following is the policy of the Macedonia Community Club:

- Macedonia Community Club is committed to provide a safe environment and to prevent child abuse and sexual misconduct

- Macedonia Community Club will make every reasonable effort to ensure that every person involved in coaching/training a sport activity will abide by the SafeKids guidelines


- Macedonia Community Club will make every reasonable effort to exclude any adult with a legally documented history of child abuse/molestation or any other record that would bring unnecessary risk to the health and safety of the participants of this organization.

- Macedonia Community Club will take appropriate action on all allegations of child abuse and/or sexual misconduct. All allegations will be reported immediately to the authorities for investigation and will cooperate fully with any such investigation

To follow is a list of preventive measures which should be taken:

- Physical, mental, and verbal abuses are forbidden

- Inappropriate touching is forbidden

- Coaches/trainers should not socialize with the participants outside of the sponsored activities of the organization

- Coaches/trainers should not ride solo with a child

- Parents are encouraged to attend sponsored activities

- If a child needs special attention (one – on – one), do it with the assistance of another adult

Click Here to Complete your required Background Check

If you already know you will need a background check for this season, please feel free to complete it by following this link.  The cost is $15.50.  You will receive an email of completion.  *** Important ***  Please forward this completion email to:

A free pdf book on "How to Coach Little League Baseball" can be found at

A few online references for "Running a Practice" and "Drills":

Spring 2020 - Player Clinic

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